LoveLifting originated as my response to gaslighting. Having been on the receiving end of gaslighting I realized that rather than gaslighting me I wanted this person to be LoveLifting me. With that realization I decided to start LoveLifting my gaslighter, LoveLifting everyone and LoveLifting myself.

A friend once asked, “Why not say LoveLighting?”. The moment I created the term LoveLifting I realized this goes beyond my experience and LoveLifting was something I wanted to do for everyone each day. LoveLifting is all about Loving and UpLifting someone, hence LoveLifting.

LoveLifting is my movement to encourage the sharing of Love with others. LoveLifting is as simple as a thought directed towards anyone for the purpose of sharing your Love with them. By Loving others you are Loving yourself, by Loving yourself you are Loving others.

LoveLifting does not have to be isolated to someone you know. You could be LoveLifting a stranger standing next to you or someone you visualize in a country far away. LoveLifting opportunities are infinite and we have the power of our thoughts and feelings to do this anytime.

I challenge you to LoveLifting someone. Take a few moments to truly focus a flow of Love to another person somewhere, anywhere in the world.